General UsageΒΆ

1. Configure this module by accessing Configuration page: [your site]/admin/tripal/extension/analyzedphenotypes/configuration.


Figure 1. Configuration page.

2. Load or upload analyzed phenotypic data using the Upload page. To access upload page use the following link: [your site]/admin/tripal/extension/analyzedphenotypes/upload.


Figure 2. Upload Page.

3. You can export a fullset or subset of data using data download page. To access download page use the following link: [your site]/phenotype/download


Figure 3. Data Download Page.

4. Summary of analyzed phenotypic data and data visualization can be viewed using the following link [your site]/phenotypes.

../_images/usage.4.summary-page.png ../_images/usage.5.trait-distribution-chart.png

Figure 4: Summary Page and Trait Distribution Chart